Friday, March 16, 2007

the ongoing struggle yields progress of sorts.

Many things have happened since the last post. The monosite is back up, the TOTDA archives are back up, and the Korperschwache sounds page is back up. However, making all of this happen and dealing with other, equally irritating and time-intensive issues has eaten up all of my free time, and I am behind on everything, including the latest issue. Right now I am hosting guests who are playing SXSW, the Holy Mountain band Suishou no Fune, but once they depart I will begin work in earnest (finally) on the new issue.

It's worth waiting for -- there's a whole pile of exciting new listenables, including the new Total Fucking Destruction album, releases on Housepig and Public Guilt, freezing heaps of esoteric black metal, and more underground indy / noise / pop / other stuff than you can beat with a dead pig's head. I'd list some of it for you, but the guests are sleeping and I'm typing in the dark, so you'll just have to wait and see....