Thursday, February 15, 2007

the continuing misadventures of TOTDA

Hi. This is RKF. I used to host a website called, home of THE ONE TRUE DEAD ANGEL and many band sites. (It was originally the home of Monotremata Records, hence the name, but that was a long time ago.) Thanks to a couple of swift and brutal sneak attacks from the Evil Penguin, the website is now a distant memory, its contents exploded into the hypersphere, waiting to settle.. to settle... um... somewhere else. For the benefit of those who care about these things, no matter how infinitesimal their anguish may be, here's where it all stands now:

THE ONE TRUE DEAD ANGEL: This is it. This is Review HQ. Due to the abrupt nature of the move and the fact that the top-secret architecture files necessary to reconstruct the old site's archives and other moving parts are stored on a severely crippled and virus-riddled machine, it may be a while before any of the old stuff shows up online again. That's the plan, though, just as soon as I make sure all the data's nifty and I figure out what the hell I'm doing here in this brand-new squeaky-clean big-deal environment. The next issue is still scheduled to appear at the end of this month. I have no idea yet exactly how it will look, but it will be here....

The postal drop, of course, remains: RKF, P.O. Box 2434, Austin, TX 78768.

ARCHIVES: Let's face it, the whole mess needed reorganizing anyway. As soon as the dust settles from narrowly avoiding the clutches (again) of that diabolical Evil Penguin, I'll figure out how to edit and migrate all that information to somewhere a tad more accessible than an obscure folder on my currently diseased hard drive.

BAND OF SUSANS PAGE: I'm still working on a place for this. Someone has already volunteered the use of existing web space, so that is a possibility; there are other possibilities I'm exploring. It will appear somewhere eventually, at any rate.

SKULLFLOWER PAGE: Crucial Blast has already offered to host the pages on the label's site, so that will probably be the final destination of the long-running pile of loosely-organized info about Skullflower, Black Flag, Ramleh, Total, blah blah blah. But first I have to rescue the data and clean up the existing pages. ETA: ???

KORPERSCHWACHE PAGE: Right now is it. As for all the mp3s that were on the main (real) Korperschwache SOUNDS page, kiss 'em goodbye. For now, anyway.

OTHER PAGES: Other pages? There were other other pages? Well... we'll see. Getting the upfront and important stuff sorted out first, that's my goal here. Other stuff is stuff I'll deal with... uh... later.